F/W Collection 2022

Start With Those You Already Know:

Firstly, If you’re unsure of your true personal style goals, turn to your closest and most trusted allies: your family and friends. Whom do you look up to at home? Whom do you look up to at work? What do they have that you believe helps them seem good? Start using those outfit inspirations as a guide. You’re not required to stick with a specific genre. You do not need to choose a celebrity. Everyone has someone in their lives who helps them feel good about themselves.

Fashion Shows:

Secondly, Fashion shows and fashion is like Ross and Rachel. They are inseparable and cannot survive without each other. All the toils of the fashion designers materialize there on the ramp. Just picture how swanky the models walk and that sway of the cloth when they turn back, sheer class. One of the main objectives of a fashion show is to display the latest trends and styles of the season before the audience. Where exactly can one draw fashion inspiration if not from the zenith of fashion? People can go and sit at a fashion show, admire the grandeur and opulence it offers, and draw an immense amount of inspiration as to how to revamp and restyle their wardrobe. Incorporate them in your style, and as the famous saying goes, ‘All the world’s a ramp, and all the men and women are merely models.’


Fashion photoshoots are one of the buzzwords now. The best photographers aesthetically capture the chicest models wearing the most amazing clothes. One major advantage of such photoshoots is that you can shoot whatever you want. There is no restriction of any sort. This provides a platform where original and unique fashion ideas are displayed. You will get to explore the various trends raw and unfiltered from which you can draw inspiration. Pick up styles and poses from them and have fun recreating them. A picture can speak a thousand words. Similarly, if observed keenly, an image can talk about a thousand fashion trends.


Influencers are called so because they have the superpower of influencing people. People tend to follow their style regarding dressing, hair, make-up, and accessories. A lot of pages are run as fashion and beauty guide accounts. They offer you various ideas and hacks that help you pick the perfect dress for the occasion, look stunning in your selected outfit, the suitable hairstyle, make-over, re-creation or revision of various trends, and new ways of styling an outfit. After all, there is nothing wrong with the following someone if that someone makes us feel confident about ourselves by helping us groom ourselves better.

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